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Funding is crucial to ensuring ALL Nevada students have the resources and opportunities to succeed in a rapidly changing and global economy. 


We must push lawmakers to move towards a fair per-pupil funding goal. It should not feel unattainable to move Nevada K-12 education from its recurring last-place ranking. Signing the pledge lets lawmakers know we demand highly-efficient schools now.

Nevada students deserve our commitment:

Increase funding.

I pledge to support efforts to move Nevada at a minimum up to the national average in per pupil funding by 2030 with needed legislation in place by 2024. (Currently Nevada ranks 48th in per-pupil funding.)


I pledge to support efforts to identify revenue resources beginning the 2021 session that will result in a plan to fairly and adequately fund all our public schools. ​

Prioritize education.

I pledge to support making K-12 education system and children's well-being the top funding priority in Nevada, where all students are provided with the adequate resources they need to be college or career ready.

Stay informed & active.

I pledge to stay informed about the work of political candidates and elected officials who support increased revenue for K-12 public schools  and support this pledge.

Grow support.

I pledge to encourage my family, friends, business, agency or organization(s) to sign this pledge of support for education and to proactively support the campaign in the years ahead.

Nevada students deserve our commitment.

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Thank you!